Design Catalog

M&A Eyelash provides both Korean and Japanese style eyelash extensions services. Korean style is neater as only a single layer of eyelashes would be applied, while Japanese style is more natural with multi-layer eyelashes.

3 Degrees of Curl

J Curl Natural
C Curl Sharp
D Curl: Doll-like

3 Thicknesses

0.1 Natural Lashes Effects
0.15 Mascara & Eyeliner Effects
0.2 Fake Lashes Effects

Different combinations of degrees of curl, lengths and thickness can give over 100 different effects.
Our eyelash stylist will recommend the style that caters to your needs and best suits you according to your face, length and thickness of your natural eyelashes and shape of the eyes.

Natural: Lengthen and thicken eyelashes without changing the shape of your eyes
Cute: Open up your eyes and make them appear bigger, rounder and brighter
Sexy: Give the eyes a longer and exotic look