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M&A Eyelash adopts Japanese eyelash extension techniques.
We care about cleanliness and are meticulous about details, making sure that every client is satisfied with our service.

Introducing M&A Eyelash Beauty

Since 2009, M&A Eyelash Beauty has served over 10 thousands of clients and you can check most pieces of work out in the gallery to have a look at the real effects. There are over 20 experienced eyelash stylists in our team and everyone is dedicated to providing high quality eyelash extensions service.

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

Big Eyes Without Makeup: Be confident at any time!

Suitable for office ladies/housewives/anyone cares about their appearances

Big Eyes Without Makeup: Be confident at any time!

Cause no inconvenience to you in daily life with extended eyelashes

Water-proof and sweat-proof: Running of makeup never again!

Do whatever you want: Diving/Boat trip/Sauna/Swimming/Bikram yoga/Travelling are all OK!


Frequently Ask Questions about Eyelash Extensions

Q:How long can eyelash extensions last?

It depends on your eyelashes’ natural growth rate which varies from person to person. Usually the extensions can last for 4 to 6 weeks.

Q:How should I wash my face with extended eyelashes?

The glue we used is water-proof so it is absolutely fine to wash your face after treatment. However, do not rub your eyes too hard. Moreover, cleansing oil should be avoided. If you really need to use cleansing oil, use with cotton swab to tap the cleansing oil on the desired part in order to avoid contact with eyes.

Q:Would I feel uncomfortable during the treatment?

There are more than ten types of anti-sensitive glue to choose from. We also provide medical-grade glue which is safe for pregnant women. The process is painless and relaxing that some clients may even fall asleep. You will own longer and fuller eyelashes without feeling anything!

Real photos of eyelash extensions treatment

(Effect varies from person to person)

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